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Book NowHaving your system ‘Power Flushed’ is the only credible way to clean a central heating system that has become inefficient due to sludge. Open vented systems, those with a small tank in the loft supplying water to fill your system, are far more prone to sludge which blocks the flow of water through the radiators and pipes. The sludge, known as ‘magnetite’ is produced by rusting within the radiators and is made worse by the introduction of air through an open vented system.

Because this magnetite is produced from oxidised steel it is magnetic and when attracted by the magnets in a pump it transforms into a solid metal state causing a restriction which ultimately causes the pump to fail. At the same time the sludge also fills up the radiators causing cold spots and an increasingly inefficient heating system.

Modern boilers, by being incredibly efficient in the extraction of energy in the gas to heat, are by design much more susceptible to blockages, and if the sludge build up becomes too great then the boiler is at risk of damage and a seemingly minor issue has a costly and serious consequence.

Fortunately the symptoms of sludge are easy to spot and a suitable power flush will remove most of the offending sludge and if not too late, will return the efficiency of your central heating system and halt the damage being caused.

Prices for a Power Flush vary wildly and as you can see from this article it would appear that British Gas can quote anything up to £700! Fortunately my prices are way more affordable and with all the right equipment and training, I do a first class job. I would be very happy to have a look at your system and advise on what action I would recommend and at the same time give you a price for the work required.

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