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Central Heating in and around Colchester.

Book NowI can install a whole new central heating system in your house if required, but perhaps more typically I am asked to change a radiator, or perhaps to install a heated towel rail in the bathroom. What ever your needs I can do it for you.

Sometimes a system is simply just not working well and requires a bit of good old TLC. A proper POWER FLUSH will give your central heating system a good clean and restore circulation through those sludged up pipes and radiators that have been ignored for years! Pumps and diverter valves are often the cause of a system not working  properly, so again, call me and I will change them for you.

There is no point in working on a central heating system unless a chemical inhibitor is used when the system is filled up. These  chemicals knock out the oxygen in the water and stops the internal rusting of radiators and the build up of sludge that damages the whole system.

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